Now this, is BIG !

Finally, Affordable Screen Sharing for Every Screen

Meet the KLIK Stik


  • Ultra-small and affordable professional wireless screen sharing system.

  • Automated setup gets you up and running in minutes, with KLIKWizard.

  • Supports Open Access for streaming without an app on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chrome.

  • Use with KLIKConnect apps for Password and Moderated Access.

  • Includes KLIKStream feature, allowing users to see presentation in a browser.

  • Includes wireless USB feature to allow sharing of a presentation remote or mouse.

  • Powered by USB, directly from your existing TV or projector.

KLIK STIK turns any TV, Display or Projector into a Wireless Presentation screen, in as little as 2 minutes. Fully automated installation, Customizable Wallpaper, USB Power, STIK is the smallest, easiest, and most affordable professional screen sharing device in the World! ​

Stream content from any device. KLIK STIK boosts meeting productivity by allowing users to stream from their device, instantly. Computers, tablets and smartphones can connect natively, even without installing an app.

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